Its-App Services
Application Services
Our industry-leading expertise can be tapped to deliver a vast technology solutions to help you achieve marketplace superiority. Our capabilities span the entire Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)-we will assess, design, build, upgrade, test, integrate and maintain software systems and processes to ensure your firm achieves a competitive advantage. This significantly increases the benefits you seek from your investment in custom software. We evaluate your existing systems and analyze your current and future business needs, while ensuring a balanced approach between maintaining legacy systems and implementing new ones. Our global team of highly skilled developers then use the most appropriate technologies to deliver a comprehensive set of Application Services.
Application Development
Our custom application development expertise will create mission-specific applications to address your critical business needs. Whether your challenge is to create a web-based application, improve existing automated processes, more effectively manage business and financial functions, migrate legacy applications or design a system that provides you with a competitive advantage - we have the PEOPLE, PROCESSES, and TECHNOLOGY to deliver a premier solution.
Product Co-Development
Successfully identifying, developing and launching a software product requires an extremely wide range of expertise - a range not often housed in one organization. Once you have identified an exciting product concept based on a solid understanding of the marketplace, you may face a situation where it is more efficient to use outside resources and expertise to transform this concept into a solution. You need to take advantage of our substantial experience with Product Co-Development to create a well-designed, architecturally sound and relevant product. We are the ideal partner for businesses with an abundance of intellectual and marketing capital, but light on the technical and engineering skills required to transition ideas into revenue. Our teams of experts will work with you from concept to development to beta testing to launch . . . reducing your business risks and expediting your time to market. You can also rely on our highly-skilled product support team to ensure reliable, on-going support throughout the product release life- cycle. We have helped dozens of clients create and launch innovative software products, and reinvent mature products, and will use this expertise to transform their ideas into revenue.
Mobile Applications
The mobile industry is undergoing explosive growth at this time. Partnering with our mobile experts allows your firm to take advantage of the tremendous opportunities available when you expand your business to the third screen. Specialists can transition a custom application or a co-developed software product to a mobile platform or develop applications specifically for the mobile environment. Our substantial experience in both creating mission-specific applications to address unique business needs and developing unique software products, gives you the confidence to know we can successfully deliver these solutions to Mobile platforms. ITS's Mobile Center of Excellence will create enterprise systems (such as groupware, portals, or dashboards) for your wireless needs or develop applications as varied as sales force automation, inventory tracking, online trading, mobile logistics or e-commerce. These mobile solutions can be developed for the full spectrum of operating systems, including iPhone OS, Blackberry OS, Windows CE/Mobile, Symbian and Palm OS.
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