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Quality Assurance
Effective software reliability and functionality are at the core of all high-performing technology systems. Without predictable and accurate software, how useful are the business decisions upon which they are based? At ITS, we enhance your firms productivity by offering a full range of Quality Assurance and Testing services which ensure your software's performance and predictability. Whether we are supplementing your in-house staff, acting as a seamless extension of your IT staff using established global teams or taking complete responsibility for your entire QA function, we are committed to delivering effective, cost-saving and sustainable Quality Assurance services. Information Technology Service's Quality Assurance Practice offers skill in two main areas of expertise:
QA Functional Testing Services
ITS's skilled QA teams are charged with ensuring that your software performs as designed and works seamlessly in conjunction with the rest of your IT environment. Our Functional Testing Services are tailored to meet your exact needs and specifications, delivering the combination of test activities that meet your time and budget requirements. We also use our depth of experience to test how your software performs in real time circumstances. This allows clients to assess the reliability of their software under different work conditions and loads
QA Automation Testing Services
ITS's industry-leading QA testing expertise provides clients with the opportunity to test their software's functionality using sophisticated automation techniques. Once clients have achieved a sound manual testing regime, our experts will determine if an automated testing process meets your strategic and budget needs. This more advanced testing plan takes advantage of ITS's high levels of experience and represents a commitment to quality that will help you reap a substantial return on your investment.
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